Kiersi Burkhart - SpeakingI have been speaking about content creation, fiction writing, social media, and technology for writers since 2012. I bring to the stage—or the workshop table—years of professional experience designing company-wide training programs, and guiding individuals in precise skill development.

What do I talk about? As a successful freelance writer, I can speak with experience about networking, how to market yourself and your skills, and I bring a ton of energy to the stage!

I also specialize in teaching essential skills to fiction writers starting out, including: character development, drafting, editing, finding an agent, and more. I can teach from a stage, or on the ground in a workshop environment.

My resume of speaking engagements include:

WordCamp 2012 — Blogging as a Platform: Making a Name for Yourself in Your Target Community (view a recording of the entire talk on WordPress.tv)

SCBWI Oregon’s “The Next Level” Professional Series — Scrivener Secrets

Willamette Writers Conference 2014 — Using Social Media to Engage Younger Readers (read the notes as recorded by Will Hertling)

Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA) 2015 — Social Media for the Nervous

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A Quick FAQ

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Do you have any teaching experience?

I have worked as a professional trainer for innovative technology products for over four years, and have an extensive background in designing and implementing customer-facing training programs.

How much do you charge?

Get in touch with me and we can talk travel, honorariums, and all the other nitty-gritty stuff.

Will you speak at my school/conference for free?

Sorry, but I don’t do unpaid speaking engagements.