Quartz Creek Ranch

All 4 of the book covers in the Quartz Creek Ranch series: Shy Girl & Shy Guy, One Brave Summer, At Top Speed, The Long Trail Home

QUARTZ CREEK RANCH is a series of middle-grade books (aimed at ages 9-12) that I’ve co-authored with the talented Amber J. Keyser.

Every summer, the gates of Quartz Creek Ranch swing open for kids in trouble. Under the watchful eyes of lifelong ranchers Willard and Etty Bridle, these ten to twelve-year-olds put their hands—and hearts—to good use, herding cattle, tending the garden, harvesting hay, and caring for animals. Aided by two teenage horse trainers, the kids must forge a bond with their therapy horses, grow beyond the mistakes that brought them to the ranch, and face unique challenges in the rugged Colorado rangeland.

Each book of the series follows one girl on the ranch for the summer, with her own unique story and set of challenges—and the horse who helps her through them.

Shy Girl & Shy Guy

One Brave Summer

At Top Speed

The Long Trail Home

As two gals who also loved horses when we were young (and still do!), Amber and I wanted to bring our love of the craft to our background as horse-lovin’ cowgirls on the frontier. We’re so thrilled to be working with Darby Creek, an imprint of Lerner Books, to bring this series to kids everywhere!

Kiersi Burkhart on a horse at 12 years old

Here’s me at twelve, riding in a pole-bending event.