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It only took one icy night to irrevocably alter Sophie Sibbley’s life, taking her mother away, and uprooting her from her home in Wisconsin to live with the father she didn’t know she had.

Now Sophie has to navigate living in LA and being the daughter of billionaire Weston Hale–all while battling to stay out of the limelight. Her new step-brother, the notorious bad boy Leon Hale, isn’t making it easy for her… though his charming best friend might help a little.

As if it weren’t enough starting at a new school with ferocious it-girls, a red-skinned monster starts haunting her dreams. When Sophie finds her mother’s diary, she begins to wonder who Weston Hale really is. Could he be the cause behind the fiery demon invading her nightmares?

And what does the troubled Leon have to do with it?

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